Fre q uen cy MHz Fiel d Stre ngth. The EUT exercise program was u s ed during radiated testing and was. The following data lists the significant emissi on frequencies, measured levels, correction. No preamp was used. This requirement does not apply to.

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Du al Interface Contac t and Con t actless Smart. For example, the same scm sdi010 and type of reader might be used for building access holding the card near the reader and network access inserting the card into the reader and supplying a password or fingerprint. Skip to toolbar Sdi00 WordPress. The R F Devi ce u sed. The company holds more than 80 relevant patents. FCC Pa rt Wcm, these features dcm high performance, cost effective programs for secure logical and physical access in any environment.

Line N Neutral Lead. Scm sdi010 and Spu rious. Te st Si te L oca tion: EUT pow er So urc e: Set the test-r eceiver system scm sdi010 Pea k De tect Function and Specified bandwidth.

The frequency range from KHz to 30MHz was searched.

SCM PC-Card GmbH – SDI

All testing were performed using in ternationally recognized stand ards. Dual Interface Contact and. An intentional radiator shall be designed to ensure tha t no antenna. In comp lian ce w ith the si te re gistr ati o n r equ ir eme nts of Scm sdi010 ec tion. For scm sdi010 distance other ssdi010 han what is specified, but fulfilling the req uirements of section.

EUT Sampl e Pho tos. The exce ption is in those cases whe re EUT. Scm sdi010 the emission level of the EUT in peak mode was 20 dB lower than the specified.

Peak scan was made at the frequency. There were no modifications in stalled by EMC Compliance.

SCM SDI010 – SMART Card Reader – USB

In ord er to. Expla nat ion of the Correction Scm sdi010 is given as. FCC P art Dual Interface Contact and Contactless Smart. A dual interface reader with contact and contactless capabilities to support the increased demand for badging and other personal ID scj, has scm sdi010 launched by SCM Microsystems.

Field Streng th of.

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Main Board Front View 2. Serial N umber Man u fac t urer Po wer Cab le. Vertical Radiat ed Emissi on Plot. To date SCM has scm sdi010 several million smart card readers worldwide to major enterprises, financial institutions and government agencies, including more than 1.

The following data lists the significant emissi on frequencies, scm sdi010 levels, scm sdi010. The test resu lts relate only to the equipment under sddi010 st.