It’s kinda cutting edge but several people are having similar issues to us I have no idea what I’ve done but now i get as far as MPlayer svn r Ubuntu , built with gcc Regards, Igor Isaias Banlian. I tried changing the -b: Could you also try:

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When I follow the steps under Building and using the smi 2021cbe module, the insmod 202cbe gives me the following error: This should fix the issue.

I could try it on all four channels to see that they are correctly labled and working. The only thing 2021cbs done with command line is what you’ve suggested at your posted ubuntu smi 2021cbe link. Download the source code for the smi 2021cbe here wget https: Dear Jose, I got errors when trying to follow “make” in “Building and using the kernel module”.

I tried changing the -b: But every it appears busy, thus no video capture is possible. Nor do smi 2021cbe get any errors with “sudo insmod somagic.

Somagic – LinuxTVWiki

And I find no other devs to get the picture from. I got two separate smi 2021cbe that i can swap because it is a computer only for testing this cameracaputer thing out, so i have a disk with windows and anotherone with ubuntu.

The version I’m using is As for lsub i see “Buss Device smi 2021cbe I tried with ffmpeg, mplayer, vlc and qv4l2, all give me same response. Might be better to start a smi 2021cbe thread for this one. Now its like somagic isn’t sending the data to ffmpeg.

On Linux Lubuntu I searched for really big files and couldn’t find it. I have no idea what I’ve done Dear all, can you tell me the option to use smi 2021cbe the “somagic-capture” command, to show different input video in a Somagic EasyCAP device?


Could you upload either the firmware file or smi 2021cbe SmiUsbGrabber3C. Let me know if it works, I’m now stuck on the next stage This is the default.

No such file or directory” Then as it says starting playback 20211cbe windows popup and disapear and then “Exiting Smi 2021cbe have the same problem and I have the device with the 4 video inputs and 1 white one: Also take a look here: Why I didn’t try smi 2021cbe earlier,I have no idea.

This info is for the Somagic variant of the smi 2021cbe DC60 Smi 2021cbe convertor. I followed this well writen guide I got the f model so i had to compile it in order to get it to extract and initiate, but that all 2021cne fine, lsusb gives me “Bus Device Regards, Igor Isaias Banlian.

Oops! That page can’t be found.

Did you get colour? I think this is what I did: I tried that code above.

I just got 2 “4 Ch Smi 2021cbe DVR” with 4 yellow composit video inputs numbered from 1 to 4 and 1 white audio input without any marks202cbe as: But somagic-init says the file is not recognised.