If this defect appears only on the laptop LCD but no on the external screen external screen works fine , then most likely your laptop has a defective screen. Then shut down your computer and try again. Spray air inside the air intakes on the bottom until the cooling module is clean. Tips and tutorials on using Windows, including Windows 8 and Windows 10, can be found here. I did what you described above.

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A picture vell dell inspiron b130 network controller if someone is interested. This is just a guess. I take such risks and come out with unique results. So basically, the LCD is dirty on the inside!

Want to know what it nispiron cost to repair my Inspiron What could be faulty in the screen? To make the story worse, a friend of mine also bought the same laptop from the same source private seller, used laptop, no warranty and it also has the same spots.

Repair LCD screen with water damage

And a big thanks from a cool South Africa. What else could be it? Maybe the laptop video output somehow got stuck in the external mode, trying to display on the dell inspiron b130 network controller screen? When I turn it on I get four rectangular small screens. After all that I stuggled putting it all back together without smudging any of the film layers or the glass. The first thing I tried is replacing the inverter. When I was buying the laptop I figured the screen was just plain dell inspiron b130 network controller and I could wipe it off.

Hello, I have a Tosiba P 17 inch laptop.

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Page Battery continued Charge time approximate Computer off 3 hours Operating time Battery operating time varies depending on operating conditions and can be significantly reduced under certain power-intensive conditions. But it was worth it overall. I replaced a cracked screen on an HP Pavilion dv Works fine except the top cover does not remains in position dell inspiron b130 network controller I opens it, what I mean is it falls back flat.

See photo at this link: If I wiggle the inverter around I can sometimes get it to work.

It was really hard to get rid of dust between layers. Your computer is designed to use the W AC ddell for optimum system performance, you should always use dell inspiron b130 network controller adapter.

Do not see any faint images. Look for silver colored areas of the circuit board that touch the frame. The screen is working just fine now, but should I use it like this or not? Just changed the screen in my Dell X in about an hour.


I have a contropler with no image at all in the lcd display. This could be memory failure. I have a toshiba LS with a solid white screen. They start coming up as fast as I can close them.

Anyone have similar but more specific instructions to take apart a Dell Inspiron before I jump into my repair effort with all thumbs? Helpppp meee … pleaaseeee …. If the external monitor works, the computer display or video controller may be defective. I swap the video cable into the new screen while the backlight is on and it works until I reboot.

Insporon it still shut down as soon networ you turn it on? I just took apart the screen of my Inspiron dell it was pretty similar.

I replaced an LCD screen on an Inspiron for my nephew… I went on e-bay and bought a used replacement. Thanks for writing such an informative article. Dell inspiron b130 network controller is, it WAS nice…until one day when I was dell inspiron b130 network controller to clean surface of the screen. I think you have a problem with the LCD screen.

I got a gateway. Carefully unglue the film that covers the circuit board and remove two screws from the board top circles. Netwlrk video worked fine all the time even when laptop LCD was white.

WHr — watt-hour — A unit of h130 commonly used to indicate the approximate capacity of a battery. Okay okay so ihave the dell lattitude D and one wekkend i went away and i netwotk my sister to play her game soniit and when i cam back the creen had a faint read glow to ot and the within 1 or 2 minutes of use the screen goes black now if u look closely the screen is black but u can still dell inspiron b130 network controller see like the stuff behind the black help!