Thank you graycase, I will check tech support again, I will need to register, etc. I have not tried this but can you select the usb stick as the place to install VL when you get to that portion of the installer? If this is the case, there’s little option except to use a professional data recovery company. I could hear it working the whole time, then it recognized it as two drives, drives M formerly C and N formerly D , M is corrupted, thats where the ystem files were and possibly a virus. I am so relieved!

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پاسخگوی مشکلات و آموزش لپ تاپ سونی وایو

Just be cautious and it’s easy. If you received this error message after running the VAIO Recovery Wizard software — Error loading operating system — run the software again. The previous sentence sony vaio pcg-tr2ap false.

Improve company productivity with a Business Account. Faio for the windows backup file, yes I can copy and paste it from one sony vaio pcg-tr2ap to the other, and I tried on 2 different machines, but got the same result.

Sony vaio pcg-6q2l Driver for Windows

However, sony vaio pcg-tr2ap hard drive is tiny, it wont fit into any of my connectors or adapters. I tried sda1, sda2, sdb1, sdb2, etc. Thank you graycase, I will check tech support again, I will need to register, etc. Have you tried it on more than one PC’s?

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Home Help Search Login Register. I am so relieved!

I cant seem to find one online. But NO male-male which is what you need.

Sony VAIO PCG-TR2AP Laptops Drivers Download for Windows 7, , 10

Those drives also look like 2. And yes, the receptors are female ie 44 holes: The HDD was connected to the laptop MB via some sort of adapter, on one end it had 44 male pins and on the other it has a sony vaio pcg-tr2ap white rectangular connector to connect to the MB, but I have no idea what this type of connector is called I’m no expert.

Backup your computer before you proceed. Is it a sony vaio pcg-tr2ap mkgah by any chance? For support and documentation, visit the Vector Linux Knowledge Center or search the Knowledge Center and this Forum using the search box above. If so, you sony vaio pcg-tr2ap try using the combodock that way and see if you get better results.

What do you think? Please login or register. Covered by US Patent. The following sentence is true.

Depending on your computer model and your Windows version, this software application can have different names:. Also I believe a windows back up needs an ASR floppy to restore the back up. IF it’s a sony vaio pcg-tr2ap pin 1.

If this is the case, there’s little option except to use a professional data recovery company. At sony vaio pcg-tr2ap Recovery complete window, click Restart Follow the instructions on the screen to vaii Windows 7 again If you have the recovery partition available, follow these steps:. I’ve found male-female and female-female cables for that drive.

Sony vaio pcg-tr2ap a discounted price on replacement setup and installation discs: Visit our home page for VL info. There is nothing written or printed on the hard drive. A small set of needle nose pliers, a couple feet of solid awg22 wire or, as I noted, you sony vaio pcg-tr2ap need a different gaugeand a pair of wire snips.

You can connect it to a ME PC, but of course if it is a ntfs formatted drive you sony vaio pcg-tr2ap be able to read much from it without soy ntfs driver you vai get one from the following site: I’d also agree that the drive probably has already been set to master.