The modem is unable to detect 2G service. Received 0 broadcasts, 0 runts, 0 giants, 0 throttles. This must match the password given by the carrier. Maybe I have a bad unit. Had a load of problems with E and E on Graham’s newer version of MDMA would make the connect and show signal but downlink wouldnt funtion. Cell sites are on the surrounding hills and you are probably in the “Dead Zone” beneath. Note The diagnostic port is not required for normal activation or operation.

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Router config-if exit Example: This is a copy-paste from http: The following example is sample output sierra wireless mc8775 hsdpa modem slot 0, WIC slot 0, port 0 from the show cellular connection command:. Be careful where you do place the TFT program. It used to work way back with this script and was one of the original test modems for QMI.

E connected via rotating passive USB hub and connection standed through speed tests 3m USB cable with ferrites between Nexx and E, connects, passes speedtest Router config dialer-list 1 protocol ip list 1. Envoyer par e-mail BlogThis! I had too for my WGT router because it was not included in the existing Rooter releases, and I like to suffer. Make sure the TNC connector is correctly threaded and tightened.

The installers in USB sticks usually? That will take about a day to do and I’ll post here when it is ready. Displays the SIM status and modem lock state. A snippet of the failing section of initialization is below. Indicates the packet data protocol PDP type.

Why use a 3G Mobile router? You guessed right, I needed SSH to do the firmware backup. I would highly appreciate your effort and thank you very much in advance! To display the current active connection state and data statistics, use the show cellular connection command in privileged Sierra wireless mc8775 hsdpa modem mode.

Router config-if ppp chap password 0 cisco.

Everything taken from here http: Last clearing of “show interface” counters never. Select the firmware for Cisco 3G. The access terminal uses DRC value to specify the requested transmission rate. Turned out that new tree growth in the warm weather had dropped our signal from dBm to dBm and our speed dropped to nothing.

It doesn’t seem to matter what state the device is in, but returns unknown always. These small routers sometimes don’t have a large enough power supply to power both them selves and the modem, especially an LTE modem.

Can you share the link? Current channel number to which the modem is attached to the base station. The following example shows output from the show cellular all command for slot 0, WIC slot 0, port The watcher is the sierra wireless mc8775 hsdpa modem manager software running on a PC for use sierra wireless mc8775 hsdpa modem the modem is plugged directly into the PC rather than into a router. After a bit of googling around, I figured the same as you mentioned that there doesn’t appear to be a way for both the old and new drivers to co-exist at the same time.

If any other information is required just let me know and I will try to provide.

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Cliquez sur “Unlock” dans le menu unlocking. I haven’t done hssdpa yet but I will be making a 16meg MultiWeb for those larger routers in the future. Seriously sierra wireless mc8775 hsdpa modem, if I put the 3 Mi-Fi outside to the side of my van on my neighbours plot it gets almost full signal. Note these are only available after upgrading to the latest firmware.

Note For remote downloads, if 3G is your only link, you will lose connectivity. Use the name of the CHAT script here. This image is not supported any longer.

Note that the part between the double quotes is the text the telco is sierra wireless mc8775 hsdpa modem back to you, namely:. Are you sure you want to proceed? Where the file changes come into effect is when I build a 16meg version that has more features than will fit in 8meg.

Since it will be on the network it will be visible to anyone who logs mdem via wifi. Optional Disables wraparound for virtual console log messages.

sierrz So the next available slot after 09 is 0A. The Sierra U sometimes has trouble being recognized properly and gives a bunch of errors about the drivers.

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Router configure terminal Example: Successfully tested USB modems are: Attempt to Start Network Fri Apr 3 You then have a situation where your modem still thinks it’s connected, but actually isnt.

Let’s me try to recover the unit first: Because the router is already flashed to ROOter it seems that you can’t flash it this way. If the number of retries becomes zero, the SIM is blocked and becomes sierra wireless mc8775 hsdpa modem.