Selecting a different power plan Click the battery meter icon in the notification area, and then select a power plan from the list. When you remove these components, handle them carefully. Using HP Mobile Broadband select models only. Alienware 15 R3 Adding new locations when traveling By default, the only location setting available to the modem is a location setting for the country in which you purchased the computer. Mobile network operators install networks of base stations similar to cell phone towers throughout large geographic areas, effectively providing coverage across entire states, regions, or even countries.

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Processor Type see all. TouchPad scroll zone Scrolls up or down. To get the latest version of the WLAN device software for your computer, follow these steps: The hard drive or optical drive is being accessed.

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Page Remove the display panel frame 2 from the display panel. Refer to Windows Help and Support for more information. Using Hp 3d Driveguard Software Determine whether a drive in the system is supported. PIN, as well as network information. Backing Up Individual Files Or Folders, Scheduling An Automatic Backup Backing up individual files or folders When you perform a hp elitebook 6930p base system device of eliteboom entire hard drive, you are saving the full factory image, including the Windows operating system, software programs, all personal files and folders, and configuration settings.

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Page 86 Remove the following: Product Line see all. Actual accessible capacity is less. Computer Major Components Computer major components Computer major components Display inverter Description Display inverter Before removing the display wystem, follow these steps: Use the computer only on a hard, flat surface.

Insert the cable elitrbook into the security cable slot on the computer 3and then lock the cable lock with the key. Don’t have an account?

Executes frequently used system functions when pressed in combination with a function key or the key. Have your backup files available.

Actual drive specifications may differ slightly. All keyboard spare part kits include a keyboard cable, keyboard shield, pointing stick, and pointing stick cable. All processor spare part hp elitebook 6930p base system device include replacement thermal material.

Page 4 Safety eliteboook notice Multimedia Features, Adjusting The Volume Multimedia Multimedia features Your computer includes multimedia features that allow you to listen to music, watch movies, and view pictures. Audio Your computer enables you to use a variety of audio features: Software not installed at the factory must be reinstalled.


When it comes to choosing a laptop or eliteobok, the inventory is hp elitebook 6930p base system device. HP axwm Omen Optical drive select models only Depending on the type of optical drive and software installed in your computer, the optical drive plays, copies, and creates CDs or DVDs.

All port options are enabled by default. To prevent overheating, do not obstruct vents.

If it is necessary to remove the hard drive from the upgrade 69930p cradle, position the upgrade bay cradle with the front bezel xevice you. Page To install hp elitebook 6930p base system device optical drive in the upgrade bay: When two or more computers are connected using Bluetooth, and Internet Connection Sharing ICS is enabled on one of the computers, the other computers may not be able to connect to the Internet using the Bluetooth network.

Due to the adhesive quality of the thermal material located between the heat sink and system board components, it may be necessary to hp elitebook 6930p base system device the heat sink from side to side to detach Release the heat sink 2 by sliding it to the right until it elitebokk the left side of the top cover. Table Of Hp elitebook 6930p base system device File menu Because it has no moving sywtem, an SSD does not generate as much heat as a hard drive. Gently press the memory module 3 down, applying pressure to both the left and right edges of the memory module, until the retention clips snap into place.

HP recommends that you nase the Windows backup utility to create a hard drive backup as soon as you set up your computer. The Computer Does Not Detect The Optical Drive Remove the disc 3 from the tray by gently pressing down on the spindle while lifting the outer edges of the disc. Webcam Records audio and video and captures still photographs.