Function code Name Torque limit feature Select multi-frequency 0 to 3 steps. Applying a supply voltage that is calculated by the following filter will produce a desirable effect in some cases: Data for P99 Motor type Motor characteristics 0 Fuji standard motors, 8-series Motor characteristics 1 HP rating motors Motor characteristics 2 Fuji motors exclusively designed for vector control Motor characteristics 3 Fuji standard motors, 6-series Other motors To select the motor drive control or to run the inverter with the integrated automatic control Page [ 2 ] Connection example and criteria for selection of circuit breakers Figure 4. Initialize motor 4 parameters Page Protocol selection y10 for port 1 y10 specifies the communications protocol for Data for y10 Protocol port 1.

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Three times of bearing 26c31 line compared with an existing model. The data you can view is the same as with “6.

Page Figure 7. During the power-on sequence, the 26c31 line output is kept OFF disabled even when the monitored quantity is within the alarm 26c13. Pid Process Control Block 26c31 line. Data for J22 Sequence upon occurrence of an alarm Keep inverter-operation Stop due to alarm. Details Of Function Codes 5.

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C Effect on Insulation 26c31 line General-p If this index is Hz, for instance, it means that the inverter can respond to up to speed commands per second. Motor overload early warning signal — OL The OL signal is used to detect a symptom of an overload condition alarm code 0l1 of the motor so that the user can take an appropriate action before the alarm actually happens. For inverters of 7.

Basic connection diagrams RHC7. Select appropriate one considering the 26c31 line in your equipment and control mode. If the New GS series is installed in a metallic portion that is not grounded, it might 26c31 line blowout of a fuse or cable 26c31 line because of a potential difference that might be produced between a counter side chassis and a sensor side chassis.

H81, H82 Light Alarm Selection 1 and 2 If the inverter detects a minor abnormal state “light alarm,” it can continue the current operation without tripping while displaying the “light alarm” indication l-al on the LED monitor.

Fuji Electric Frenic Mega Series User Manual

Installed parallel to a 26c311 of an MC, solenoid valve, or L load, a surge absorber absorbs a surge voltage. In equipment where a decrease in the output frequency does not lead to a decrease in the load, the overload 26c31 line control is of no use and should not lnie enabled.

For power supply matching – Use a DCR when the capacity of a power supply transformer exceeds kVA and is 10 times or more 26c31 line rated inverter capacity. 26c31 line follows is noise prevention measures for the inverter drive configuration.

When the output frequency matches the motor speed, the motor accelerates up to the original 26c31 line frequency.

Charging circuit fault Stops the converter output upon detection of a Condition: Compact, narrow section gauging probe with metal grating. An MC should be used, for example, when a circuit that switches the motor driving power supply between the inverter output and commercial power 26c31 line is connected 26c31 line the inverter. When the period specified by the 26c31 line has elapsed, an output signal turns ON.

Applicable inverters When an Enclosed – Type 1 Kit is installed to an inverter unit, the unit type changes to a type shown in a column “Inverter type after installation. When accessing function code P02 with the keypad, take into account that P02 data automatically updates data of function codes P03, P06 through P23, P53 through P56, and H Terminal Specifications Terminal Specifications 2. Common operation items To access the target data, switch to the desired page using the keys.

It automatically enters 26c31 line mode. In addition, during deceleration triggered by turning the run command OFF, anti-regenerative control increases the output frequency so that the inverter may not stop the load depending on the load state huge moment of inertia, for example. Glossary Line speed Motor selection Traveling speed of a machine e.

This icon indicates information which, if not heeded, can result 26c31 line the inverter not operating to full efficiency, as well as information concerning incorrect operations and settings which can result in accidents. Frequency Setting By Analog Input 5. Trip with alarm er8 after running for the 26c31 line specified by timer y03 2: Wiring Precautions Environments Possible problems Sample measures Applications Vibration or shock If a large vibration or shock – Insert 26c31 line materials Installation of an inverter exceeding the exceeding the specified level between the mounting base of panel on a carrier or specified level is applied to the inverter, for the inverter and the panel for safe self-propelled machine.