I went and bought a new 1 gig memory for it has four slots and can take 4 gigs total. Foxconn mg-6l motherboard AMD Athlon 5th Gen processor not sure of specific specs, but it came preinstalled with the MB Harddrive that I’ve checked and it works by plugging into another computer This page was last edited on 26 February , at So I hit reset and the PC still powers up, lights blink and all, but no boot up. It can also be that the Windows is corrupt some files missing , it might be that you have a bad sector in the hard disk and windows is not being able to access its files. Well dear, I suspect a motherboard failure.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I took off the hp pavilion a1600n cooler and felt the chip for many seconds but it didn’t heat up. After having purchased a new motherboard and putting everything up, it did not work. The beep hp pavilion a1600n when the cards are out. I was going q1600n reformat as I thought I picked up a virus, but I have the HD unplugged so that is not the problem I have the same problem, I removed the memory RAM and turned on the computer and it started beeping quickly and hp pavilion a1600n till I turned if off.

I noticed this issue when I would try to restart the PC apvilion it would begin it’s shutdown process – screen would go blank monitor would go to “sleep” – and pavilino case would stay on with all lights, fans, and drives running.

After I play with the power switch for awhile it comes on with the fans full speed and power still to the cd drive but it can’t be opened. I hp pavilion a1600n the eraser, no luck. It is the one in the center of the computer hp pavilion a1600n top of a group of metal prongs. What was the result? Thanks for all this.

You’re welcome my dear, I hp pavilion a1600n here to help everyone. It has no suffix. Note what type of card slot you gave to make sure you get the right card.

HP Pavilion (computer)

But I go to the bathroom and when I come back it’s restarted! The processor you are using, did you receive it along with your motherboard? When power is off pull power completely out of wall.

Try to reset the Hp pavilion a1600n then try again.

HP Pavilion (computer) – Wikipedia

I blew it out hp pavilion a1600n a hair dryer on cool setting. No mouse and no keyboard. Then sometimes it boots right up and sometimes it doesn’t. Report Respond to Jamdad. Now if you will excuse my absence I must be off to attend an askewed veil.

Hey Priisa did you look at your computer manual to make sure that your ram is in the ;avilion slots. The power button usually lights up, but now it does not. I did all the tests mentioned in the a11600n including the heating test of the CPU and the fan test for the power supply and everyting seems to work properly.

Hp pavilion a1600n advice I have ever read online. Dear DJ Thank you very much for this answer. After a few switches, the computer suddenly wouldn’t boot up as many described here.

Please let me know if you are having other problems If the system does not power on properly, you will not get any display. Yes, in fact you’ll need the eraser to remove the static energy found on pavillion memory hp pavilion a1600n. Report Respond to Techwizard. Remember to connect an internal speaker to be able to hear the beep sounds.

Hope this will help someone else. Turns out one of my shared memory sticks was bad.

Shirley K – Apr 17, at You’ll need an eraser, I guess you know what this is. I did test some of the volt producing pins on the PS and they seemed within the approved tolerance so I stopped testing pavlion I also read somewhere that you shouldn’t power up the PS by shorting the pins for pavilioh long as it can wreck the PS PS and CPU fans both work, I unplugged Harddrive and DVD Drive, when I first press the power button the keyboard lights flash and then stop, I get no light on my mouse, the monitor does ppavilion nothing, my power light on the tower hp pavilion a1600n messed up since I installed the motherboard over a year ago not too worried they are only lights How do you hp pavilion a1600n the bios?

hp pavilion a1600n

Eddie – Dec 22, at Reset the BIOS, don’t forget to remove the power cord while performing the reset. I did the processor test and my processor heats up immediately.