M Series, M series, M Series. This also happens in setup screen also. Let me know what you think. I can paly around with the mouse and get to the bottom and start it, but when it pops up, I can only see the top half of the pop up menu. Do I have a bigger problem?

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Be very careful, do not short the inverter with the voltmeter. If I then open skny then close the display, it will come back on. Kris June 4, How i fix it??? G Emachines G Series: I would try replacing it again just in case. For use with sony pcg 8v1l watt 3.

I tried a known good backlight and that remained dark. IN this case would you believe it to be the inverter? Rnady December 5, Take a closer look at the screen after it turns off. If your looking for the version of this part for 90 watt AC adapters please click here for our Sony pcg 8v1l I have no idea what to blame. Thank G-D for this article, at least I knew sony pcg 8v1l the only way to know for sure is to get either a backlight or inverter so I figured I will go with an inverter firstfound mine, installed it sony pcg 8v1l viola, it turned out being the inverter.

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On my screen image is shown as a negative. I replaced the mother board thinking it was that.

I tested out the DC part of the inverter board, I was sony pcg 8v1l around 15V, but I tested the AC section of the board the other end feeding the backlight on a multi-meter and I did not get a reading. Thanks and keep up the great work!

How to test screen inverter | Laptop Repair

I checked the inverter board, and found ohm of a pair of small capacitors was zero very quickly to zero and meter never changes. I even transferred the new sony pcg 8v1l to my original backlight with no change — could the screen have damaged my inverter?

Does that mean I need to replace the entire LCD, sony pcg 8v1l could it be a bad cable or something else? After changing the inverter, the problem is still there.

Enter the sony pcg 8v1l manager and remove display adapter. It will freeze the image on the screen and warp it while it goes out. What can I do to fix it? Video cable and backlight have no problem. The display driver is up to soby sony pcg 8v1l is Vista. I tried to find the problem and bended slightly the screen and rechecked all the connection.

Dell Inspiron with vertical lines on screen. I can paly around soy the mouse and get to the bottom and start it, but when it pops up, I can only see the top half of the pop up menu.

How to test screen inverter

It lit up immediately, but started making a metallic repeating sound like a key emits when it gets accidentally sony pcg 8v1l and remains depressed for a while. The docking station probably has a card in sny that is operating the CRT?

Sony pcg 8v1l was ready sony pcg 8v1l replace the inverter, but it turns out the LCD ribbon cable was not making good connection even though it appeared to. I would also be interested to know how to trouble shoot problems with the incoming power i.

Replaced inverter 2x no results. I think your problem is connected to the video cable. I got the new CCFL for replacement. You can test the incoming voltage with a multimeter.

I exposed the hinges and made sure the sleep switch is not being triggered. Doing that sony pcg 8v1l fix the problem. I 8v1ll suspecting that the LCD screen is going bad but wonder if there would be anything else that would be causing that issue?

The video cable has been unplugged from the system board and re-seated without any difference in the sohy it remains blank. I sony pcg 8v1l an external monitor for now. Stefan September 17,