When this was first released, HP specs said a maximum of 8gb can be installed. Hi All, Im thinking of buying a ML Let me know how you get on with the builds. Just hope the price will remain very affortable for home lab. Whilst doing a fair amount of research on this server, I came across this page.

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Just hope the price will remain very affortable for home lab.

Could you please tell me if anyone tried the virtual media of the Lights-Out? I really wanted to virtualise. When When I look at he kernel log — I see a hp entry last on the log. What controller do you have?

However, my goal is to install and boot from USB stick. Hi Paul, Useful doc — thanks for sharing. But still no luck, I eventually sold it. Gabi Where would you recommend i buy the same kingston RAM from?? I guess it should work ok. Checking the link below, this guy installed 2 x4G modules of non-ECC kingston memory and nc107i pci express gigabit ethernet server adapter work fine for him.

Hi Gabi Nice setup.

The new HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 – a great virtualization home lab server

Hi Rixter, Sure have and it can confirm it works fine. Thank you very much. First i thought id had to do with the built in network card so I bought a supported one, but the issue is sserver there.

Listed below are some links for more information and nc107i pci express gigabit ethernet server adapter comparison of the old MicroServer G7 N54L and the new Gen8 GT model so you can see the differences and what has changed.

I plan to use the server for a vsphere lab running: That is the question… When wanting to run a Hypervisor. Have you tested the newer ML G6 with G processor?

HP Proliant ML G6 Released – Still a worthy virtualization work or home lab server?

Guys, i am having probs with my ML G6. There are also only 2 USB ports on the front now instead of 4. For my home lab I use the Intel NUC servers that support 16Gb memory and they use very low powered i3 or i5 procs http: I noticed that the ML supports either Xeon or iCore processors. I was wondering since x does nc107i pci express gigabit ethernet server adapter have hyper-threading, will it affect the ESXi performance? Thanks for the heads up Sid.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Xeon x and x support VT-x and VT-d [img]http: Any guide or process you too? Configure all 5 of them to a single RAID 5. Yes, an USB connected disk resolved the serverr. My first unit being the G4 Xeon Dual-core 1. I went with 4. Hi Rene, Thanks for letting us know nc107i pci express gigabit ethernet server adapter the good gigabig on the memory.

On the old model the HP logo would light up blue when powered on to serve as the health light and it looks like on the new model there is a blue bar at the bottom that lights up instead.

Windows on hp ProLiant MicroServer N54L (きりしま屋)

Look forward to hearing how you get on. Hi, Thanks for taking the time to let us know.

This seller claims that 4GB modules are supported: Having a Pentium processor is a big jump over the Celeron and it comes with more L3 cache. I hope you now nc107i pci express gigabit ethernet server adapter the problem all sorted. Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Saw this deal, but you need to add VAT to the price. Anyone try an 8GB memory module? Finally, the maximum datastore size for 4.

Unit is standard except: July 15, at 8: I was able to load esxi by using the non hp version.