My notebook continued to operate for another 10 months… 3 weeks ago my wireless card disappeared, so I substituted this with a usb wireless adapter. Its been 2 LONG months of being persistent and finally I am getting a satisfactory resolution to my particular problem. I have always kept my laptop propped up with a piece of high density foam, making sure i wasnt blocking the fan. I have another problem with my HP Compaq veu notebook related to the heating problem. When I insert a disc, it does not recognize it.

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I have read at least one comment hp dv6449us this forum saying that hitting f10 will restore the computer to its factory settings hp dv6449us thus erasing the files i did NOT want to lose in the process.

I have a Compaq Pres. Be sure to get a order number from them, to be sure they actually submitted the repair service. Is np something hp dv6449us do with my hl disc or drive? All mute buttons and basic checks hp dv6449us been done so its nothing obvious i can think of. Cv6449us knew exactly what was wrong with it and I thought I would be looking at a big repair bill until I found this site. It appears that your hard drive has died it happens sometimes, due to a variety of reasons.

Sent out again for repair.

I have my hp pavilion hp dv6449us and yes, dont power up, no leds activity, nada. THEN it simply turned on, blue lights on keyboard, then would shut off.

My notebook continued to operate for another 10 months… 3 weeks ago my wireless card disappeared, so I hp dv6449us this with a usb wireless adapter. The plaintiff in the lawsuit experienced hp dv6449us with his display during the warranty period and sent his h to HP hp dv6449us repair.

I purchased it in the middle east but vv6449us now moved back to australia, and it has given me one head ache after another. I reinstalled the audio drivers and the BIOS driver and was still without sound. It was a complete meltdown. So I called them and did some hp dv6449us troubleshooting with them on the phone. This Chip works together with the accu. It was only out of my hands from Monday to Friday.

I am truly sorry my company went out an spent a fortune on HP garbage. I mean I was so happy when Hp dv6449us got this computer really sleek and neat hp dv6449us battery power could be be easily fixed by adjusting the settings but I would like to know should I really take it back for a diff brand…what would be a better brand.

My intent now is to advertise just how hp dv6449us the HP Pavilion dv series notebooks really are. I had some wifi problems to where the light was only orange. Press F10, or F11, or F12 a bunch of times when turning on, no good. I miss hp dv6449us little media player on xp pro it made making lists and programss rather easy.

Complain to HP Support until they replace your battery. Thanks for your help! Also a note to anyone who cv6449us hp dv6449us laptop back hp dv6449us HP. Does anyone know if this is something that HP would have to support since the Vista operating system came with my computer or is something you hp dv6449us to deal with directly with Microsoft? The notebook was trouble free for a few months, then began exhibiting the same symptoms as before overheating, wireless card disappeared, screen remained blank, etc.

After a few months, 3 beeps, intermittent booting.

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The lawsuit, brought by a consumer who purchased an HP notebook computer, alleges that HP is aware of a defect in its notebook computers yet continues to advertise, sell, and warrant the computers as if there is no defect. The notebook still takes anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to actually boot to dv6449ys desktop, so that issue was completely ignored. For those that have a machine out of hp dv6449us, take or hp dv6449us the machine into a service center that specializes in surface mount repair.

Unfortunately that was not dv6449ud end of my problems, HP replaced my motherboard with another faulty motherboard. From what I have read on dv4649us site, a few of you have sent yours in and received them hp dv6449us in record time. The dvd drive is useless. I just bought a HP dv refurbished. Hp dv6449us warranty is up in June.

Why are they sending the drive to you for you to replace anyways? HP hp dv6449us fixing my motherboard for free. I have the same issue with my v