When it gets to my desktop home screen it turns into a bunch of vertical lines. Usually a small microswitch — looks like a little piece of plastic in a hole — push it should move up and down. Gerv December 28, Does anypne have any ideas? Is there something else that could be wrong with my laptop? If you did, can you install the cracked screen back and see if the image is still there? I shipped the MB when it cam back I put it back together.

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Double check the compatibility between the original and new LCDs. Hey i can see the white lines like in this picture only but the screen is intact its not broken. Misty May 12, Caio have a Gateway ma7… I purchased a replacement screen on Ebay. Matt November 2, PAUL May 7, How badly the pin sony vaio pcg 7t1l damaged?

Is there a way to fix it without replacing the screen since the damage is not on the screen? Hya i have just put a new screen in my packard bell sony vaio pcg 7t1l, but we aint sure where the earth wire conects 2 if u could help me would be brill.

I installed a new LED screen, it powers on and everything looks good. Can anyone help me.

If you are careful enough, everything should be fine. Hunter June 19, I have a dell latitude e laptop. Paul August 25, I had to send this screen back and replace it with Rev. Also, check out this display diagram. Even if the screen has similar specifications, it might not work.

Could just be the laptop lid switch is jammed — check that first its always a first checkpoint before moving on. Keith November 10, Can I replace the sony vaio pcg 7t1l connector by myself?

If reconnecting the cable fixes the video problem, all you have to do is replace the broken hinges. Very carefully straighten the damaged pins if you find any.

Got another… different model but same connectors, sony vaio pcg 7t1l, specs.

The problem is that sony vaio pcg 7t1l the top third of the replacement Osny screen works. Deissy November 29, Gary Magill March 17, Is there anything else.

I reconnected the battery and on my ac adapter the light is on until I plug it into the computer and then it goes off. Im trying to replace LCD on asus laptop but there is no display.

New screen installed but not working

I had a problem like that last week. What could be the problem? I really appreciate your time and help with any advice you could give. Is there sony vaio pcg 7t1l that determines compatibility than this? Hi, I ordered the aony model as the one that broke, connected it, but after 1 second of powering my pc shutdown. I used your troubleshooter and after securing my ribbon which was a little loose everything works!! The bottom two thirds start of black, slowly get brighter and brighter, until the are white, or a random collection of brightly coloured lines.

Remon September 24, Hopefully, you sony vaio pcg 7t1l have warranty.

I checked to make sure all connection where good and everything looked good. Last week I replaced my broken LCD.

New screen installed but not working | Laptop Repair

Does this mean the new screen is not defective after all? It gets very hot at times near the top left corner of the device and has even occassionally shut itself off.

Standard pin both have the standard 30 pin connection so im guessing it can be done can some one comfirm this? Michael July 25,