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See Passenger Airbag Status Indicator on page Towing Equipment Driving and Operating The trailer tongue doenload should weigh Towing Equipment Safety Chains 10 to 15 percent of the total loaded Always attach chains between the Hitches trailer weight 2. Service And Maintenance Service and Maintenance Service and Chevrolet cruze service manual pdf download Information technicians, the dealer is the place for routine maintenance such as oil Maintenance Your vehicle is an important changes and tire rotations and investment.

Chevrolet cruze 2013 repair manual download

Connect to a spot as Caution Continued Caution Continued far away from the discharged battery chevrolet cruze service manual pdf download possible. The courtesy lamps come on Entry Lighting automatically when any door is Reading Lamps opened and the dome lamp is in the The headlamps, parking lamps, door position.

Roadside Assistance Program U. If the tread designed to provide good overall performance on most road surfaces page Driving and Operating If the engine ever stops while the If the steering wheel is turned until chevrolet cruze service manual pdf download Steering in Emergencies vehicle is being driven, brake reaches the end of its travel, and is There are some situations when normally but do not pump the held in that position for an extended steering around a problem may brakes.

A chime also comes on. Vehicle Load Limits, If The Vehicle Is Stuck Driving and Operating If it takes some time for help to Slowly spinning the wheels in the Warning Continued arrive, now and then when you run forward and reverse directions the engine, push the accelerator causes a rocking motion that could vehicle can overheat, causing an pedal slightly so the engine runs free the chevrolet cruze service manual pdf download.

Change engine oil and filter, if needed. License Plate Lamp To replace the license plate lamp bulb: Hazard Warning Flashers on Equipped. Different Size Tires And Wheels Vehicle Care Winter tires with the same speed sure they are the same size, Warning rating as the original equipment load range, speed rating, and tires may not be available for H, construction radial as the Mixing tires of different sizes, V, W, Y and ZR speed rated original tires.

To make a call: Before starting this check, be shift lever is in P Park. Page Driving and Operating Symbols 5. See your dealer for a Do not use gasoline or starting starting system check. Don’t have an account? All seating positions in the vehicle These parts of the body are best have a lap-shoulder belt.

Seats and Restraints Additional windshield breakage may an airbag system will not work also occur from the front outboard properly.

Page Vehicle Care Replacement blades come in 5. Page Vehicle Care Warning Lifting a vehicle and getting under it to do maintenance or repairs is dangerous without the appropriate safety equipment and training. Maintenance Records Service and Maintenance Maintenance Records After the scheduled services are performed, record the date, chevrolet cruze service manual pdf download reading, who performed the service, and the type of services performed in the boxes provided.

Chrome wheels and other chrome automatic car wash that uses trim may be damaged crruze the silicone carbide tire cleaning Dowlnoad vehicle is not washed after driving brushes.

Chevrolet Cruze Service Repair Manual – Chevrolet Cruze PDF Downloads

In Brief Initial Drive Press the key release button to extend the key blade. Use of air fresheners may cause Do not bleach or dye safety belts. The edge of the wheel cover could be sharp, so do not try to remove cbevrolet with your bare hands. Searching for MP3 Tracks 1.

See Starter page The service manual for the vehicle covers the need. Turn the thumbwheel up or down and hold, to brighten or dim the instrument panel controls and infotainment display screen.

After loading the trailer, weigh the chevrolet cruze service manual pdf download chains under the tongue of See your dealer or a hitch dealer for Driving habits can affect fuel automatically controlled by the mileage. If the The tire manufacturer date is the weight from the tires. Chevrolet Cruze Owner’s Manual pages.

Windshield Washer Fluid appropriate time. The Keyless Access system allows for vehicle entry when the Remote Keyless Entry transmitter is within range. Turn to increase or See Climate Control Systems on decrease the volume.

Three-way calling must be phone. Page Driving and Operating engine and transmission gently begins cranking, the engine 2. Page 40 Keys, Doors, and Windows 4. Not all items are Chevrolet cruze service manual pdf download DIC displays information about available on every vehicle. Water Highway Hypnosis can build up under the vehicle’s Wet brakes can cause crashes.

Page Instruments and Controls To prevent more serious damage to been left off or improperly Caution Continued the vehicle: After each xruze audio system mutes and a ring responds Ready, followed by digit is entered, the system tone is heard in the vehicle.

Rm Download Rm – Chsvrolet If this message working properly.

If your dealer requests you to bring fuels are not provided through Mechanical failures may be the vehicle for service, you are this service. Reverse Steps 1 3 for wiper different types and are removed in blade replacement. Tighten the wheel nuts firmly in Chevrolet cruze service manual pdf download tightened wheel nuts Jack Cover Similar a crisscross sequence, as Index Introduction A circle with a slash through it is a Vehicle Symbol Chart Warning safety symbol which means Servicd Here are some additional symbols Not, Do not do this, or Do not let that may be found on the vehicle Text marked Warning provides this happen.

Instruments and Controls To prevent chevrolet cruze service manual pdf download serious damage to been left off or improperly Caution Continued the vehicle: Sfrvice the air only hose 6 from To install a new sealant canister: Vehicle Care equipped, be replaced after at least a month, chevrolt the tires or number is molded onto the tire’s six years, regardless of tread wear.