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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Engine acceleration is poor Replace the cap if necessary. The chapters on the table of contents pages are clickable links. Insufficient zervice flow from MC-I stern drive seawater pickup pump Download a copy of a repair manual for your MerCruiser straight to your computer in seconds—fix you engine or sterndrive now.

The use of non-detergent oils, multi-viscosity oils other than Quicksilver 25W or a good quality 20W or 20Wsynthetic oils, low quality oils or oils that contain solid additives are specifically not recommended.

DOWNLOAD Mercruiser Merc-Cruiser Inboard & Sterndrive Service Manuals

Simple things like moisture on ignition components, spark plug wires, coil, ignition switch, cracked distributor cap, float leaks, carburetor gaskets leaking, as wall as many other things can cause no start issue. Poor cold engine operation 3. I bug him, and he ignores me.

If the problem persists, drain the fuel tank and refill. I have just used medcruiser owner’s manuals.

It covers the following models, note the serial numbers: Check the crankcase oil interval can be extended based on experience. All they show is a dosnload of pages of the Table of Contents.

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Reinstall the water pickup or the through the hull fittings in the proper locations. Seems lately I have poor fuel economy, not that big of an issue since gas prices going down, but I would like to fix this. Recheck the drive belt tension.

I am guessing that you have the Bravo manual and need the engine one? But here is a basic overview. A popping noise that will increase with engine rpm. Check the coolant level.

DOWNLOAD MerCruiser Repair Manual #9 GM V8 Cylinder 1985-1988

Excessive oil consumption Long time no see. Reinstall the drive unit in the proper position. Does that mean you can access more manuals that I mentioned a couple of posts ago?

Service Repair Manual Application: March 22, Repair Manual My mercruiser has no spark. Models covered are as follows:. A downloadable MerCruiser repair manual is a digitally delivered book of instructions that guides the mechanic in the proper procedures for maintenance, service, overhaul and troubleshooting of components e. Engine cranks over but will not start or starts hard 1.

You don’t need any special software to download a pdf manual and start viewing it.

Retorque the engine mounts. Once the manual is downloaded, you can quickly find the pages you need using the clickable bookmarks, print out the service procedures you need, or print the entire e-book. You can also burn the manual to a CD and take it anywhere.

If the manual was cut short, you will get an error message.